Welcome – Croeso

2015 is the year that I decide to start blogging.  Maybe I can go to bed at night with a clear mind, knowing that everything I have thought about is written down and no longer needing space.  But then what do I focus on?  My businesses?  My trials as a mother to a young girl?  Or just my soap box? Hell, why not do all 3?  And more, if the need arises.  And so I start writing lines in my head, working out what I could write about, and siphoning off the rest.  Getting ready for when I start writing my book.  Almost…

So welcome!  I am wife to one husband(!), one 3 year old girl, own a high street cook shop, am opening a second cook shop in an out of town retail ‘shopping village’, run a Christmas shop selling trees and other Christmas-y things for 6 weeks of the year, run a smallholding, help the husband with an ‘interiors showroom’ showcasing his wonderful furniture and handmade fitted kitchens, and am renovating a 6 bedroomed farmhouse.  All of this in the very beautiful Mid Wales and Herefordshire.  It is little wonder when I list it that I need to get things out of my head.  And maybe people will read it, relate to it, even smile, probably with exasperation, and I can finally sleep when my head hits the pillow.  Except when I am writing into the night!

It’s going to be an exciting journey, an especially few busy months ahead.  Where hopefully I will learn how to use punctuation properly, grown the businesses in true entrepreneurship style, tackle the construction industry head on, and continue to raise a beautiful, level headed, confident young girl who never strops, sleeps through the night, and excels in everything she does.


Welcome – Croeso